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Registered Dietitian and Children's Nutritionist

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Aisling Oslizlok is a Registered Dietitian and Children's Nutritionist, based in Dubai, UAE.

Aisling's interest in nutrition began at an early age, and she has always strived to understand the 'why' behind nutritional science. Aisling completed her Masters in Dietetics in the UK in 2009, and has dedicated her career to Children's Nutrition ever since.  

Aisling has worked as a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian at some of the worlds leading Children's Hospitals, including Great Ormond Street Hospital (London, UK) and the John Radcliffe Childrens Hospital (Oxford, UK).

Aisling now runs a paediatric dietetic practice in Dubai, specialising in food allergies, complex feeding issues, faltering growth, as well as supporting parents with common feeding milestones such a breastfeeding, introducing solids, and nutrition during pregnancy. 

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