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Bespoke nutritional advice

Cuddly Soft


Getting your baby off to the right start can be a confusing time for so many parents. Knowing what to feed your baby, when to feed, and how much to give can seem very daunting. Aisling offers evidence based advice and techniques to empower parents to feel confident in nourishing their baby.



As children grow, their nutritional needs  are constantly changing. Making sure that children get the right foods in their diet is important - but it is not always easy! Aisling supports parents and families to understand their child's ever-changing nutritional needs, and supports them to set foundations for life-long healthy eating behaviours.

Family Cooking


Making sure your child gets the best nutrition to help them grow and develop can be challenging at the best of times. Add in a feeding difficulty or special diet and it can seem completely overwhelming! Aisling has vast experience of working with families following special diets. Bespoke and tailored advice empowers families to manage their child's complete nutritional well-being at home, in school and beyond.

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